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Our floaties are perfect for helping children enjoy swimming activities safely and confidently. They are designed to provide a comfortable and secure fit, giving parents peace of mind while their children learn to swim.


  • High Quality Materials: Our swim floaties are made of durable and non-toxic material that can withstand wear and tear and long-term use.
  • Adjustable Straps: The swimming floats have adjustable straps, so they fit perfectly to your children's arms. This ensures a comfortable and secure fit.
  • Buoyancy: The buoyancy of our floats allows children to float easily and effortlessly, allowing them to become familiar with the water and improve their swimming skills.
  • Colorful Design: The swimming floats have a colorful and attractive design that attracts children's attention and makes swimming fun.
  • Easy to store: Our floaties are compact and can easily be stored in a bag or suitcase. They are also lightweight, making them easy to take to the pool or beach.


  • Safety: Our floaties allow children to swim safely and securely, while parents have peace of mind.
  • Swimming skills: Our swimming armbands provide children with the necessary support to develop and improve their swimming skills.
  • Fun: The colorful design of our floaties makes swimming fun and attractive for children, making them want to get in the water.
  • Durability: Our floaties are made of high quality materials that can withstand wear and tear and long-term use, making them long lasting.
  • Convenience: With the adjustable straps and compact design, our swim floats are easy to use and store.

In short, our swimming bands are the perfect choice for children to learn to swim safely and have fun in the water. With their adjustable straps, durable materials and colorful design, they will provide children with both comfort and confidence during their swimming adventures.