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Swimming pool salt filter pump

Swimming pool salt filter pump

The swimming pool salt filter pump makes maintaining your swimming pool a lot easier. This powerful pump ensures efficient filtration of the pool water, so you can always enjoy clean and clear water.

Salt pump for swimming pool

Our salt pumps are ideal for swimming pools that use salt water. These pumps provide efficient filtration of the water, removing contaminants and keeping the water clean and clear.

Swimming Pool Pump Salt

With our swimming pool pump salt you enjoy convenience and comfort. These pumps are easy to install and operate, and ensure constant circulation and filtration of the water in your pool.

Saltwater pump swimming pool

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of salt water in your pool? Our saltwater pumps are specially designed to keep the salt content in your pool at the right level. This way you create a natural swimming experience.

Buy swimming pool salt

You can easily buy salt for your swimming pool from us. Our range offers various types of salt that are suitable for swimming pools. This way you can always find the right salt for your specific needs.

Swimming pool with salt water system

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of a saltwater system in your swimming pool? We offer swimming pools with saltwater systems that provide a gentle and comfortable swimming experience, without the disadvantages of chlorine.

Salt filter pump for Intex swimming pool

Our salt filter pumps are also suitable for Intex swimming pools. This allows you to provide your Intex swimming pool with clean and clear water, without the hassle of chemicals.

Swimming pool with salt water pump

Choose a swimming pool with salt water pump and enjoy the comfort and benefits of salt water. Our swimming pools are specially designed to guarantee optimal water quality.

Swimming pool pump Saltwater system

Our swimming pool pumps with saltwater system offer a complete solution for a saltwater swimming pool. These systems provide continuous filtration and disinfection of the water, without the need for additional chemicals.


  • Salt filtration: Thanks to the salt filter system, the use of chemical products such as chlorine is minimized. The salt is converted into natural chlorine, making the water feel soft and pleasant.
  • Powerful performance: With a capacity of XXX liters per hour, this pump ensures fast and effective filtration of the pool water. This results in optimal water circulation and prevents the growth of bacteria and algae.
  • Easy installation: The salt filter pump comes with a clear manual that guides you step by step through the installation. The pump will be operational within a short time and you can immediately enjoy clean swimming pool water.
  • Durable and energy efficient: This pump is designed with energy efficiency in mind. Using a salt filter pump reduces chemical consumption and thus helps protect the environment. In addition, the built-in timer ensures that the pump only runs when necessary, saving energy.
  • Compatibility: The salt filter pump is suitable for both above-ground and in-ground swimming pools. With the correct connections, this pump can easily be integrated into your existing swimming pool system.

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Benefit from the benefits of the swimming pool salt filter pump and order today. With this pump you are assured of clean and clear swimming pool water without the need for excessive use of chemical products. Moreover, the pump is sustainable and energy efficient, so you save both the environment and your wallet. Don't wait any longer and soon enjoy optimal swimming pleasure with the swimming pool salt filter pump!

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