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Swimming pool heating

Swimming pool heating

Swimming pool heating

Our collection of swimming pool heaters offers various solutions to heat your swimming pool in a sustainable and energy-efficient way. With our range of heat pumps, heating systems and heat exchangers you can enjoy a pleasant water temperature all year round.

Heat pumps for swimming pools

Our heat pumps are specially designed to efficiently extract heat from the environment and transfer it to the swimming pool water. This allows you to heat your pool in an environmentally friendly way and save energy at the same time. The heat pump installation is easy to install and suitable for both indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

Heating systems for swimming pools

Our heating systems offer an extensive choice of options to heat your pool. Whether you are looking for an electric heating system or a heat exchanger, we have the right solution for you. Our heating systems are of high quality, reliable and easy to operate.

Energy efficient swimming pool heating

Our collection of energy-efficient swimming pool heating systems ensures minimal energy consumption without sacrificing performance. This allows you to enjoy a heated swimming pool without high energy costs. Our energy-efficient swimming pool heating systems are durable and reliable.

Swimming Pool Heat Solutions

We offer various swimming pool heating solutions, including heat pumps, heating systems and heat exchangers. Our heating solutions are suitable for both private and professional swimming pools and ensure a pleasant water temperature, regardless of the weather.

Heat pump price and efficiency

The price of a swimming pool heat pump depends on various factors, such as the type of pump and capacity. Our heat pumps are available in different price ranges, so there is always an option that suits your budget. In addition, our heat pumps offer a high efficiency, which saves energy and reduces costs.

Electric Swimming Pool Heating

In addition to heat pumps and heating systems, we also offer electric swimming pool heating. These heating systems are easy to install and operate. With an electric pool heater you can heat your pool quickly and efficiently.

Swimming pool heating

Our w'eau mini power 3kw pool heat pump is perfect for heating your pool quickly and efficiently. With low energy consumption, you can enjoy hot water without worrying about high energy bills.

House Heating with Pool Heat Pump

Do you want to heat not only your pool, but also your house? Our swimming pool heat pumps are also suitable for heating your home. Enjoy a pleasant temperature in both your pool and your home with one device.

Best Swimming Pool Heat Pump

If you are looking for the best swimming pool heat pump, look no further. Our collection offers the best quality and performance. Choose reliability and efficiency with our high-quality heat pumps.

Intex Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Specifically looking for an Intex swimming pool heat pump? We have the perfect model for you. Our Intex swimming pool heat pump offers excellent performance and fits seamlessly with your Intex swimming pool.


For those who would like to know all the details, we offer the w'eau mini inverter 3kw swimming pool heat pump manual. This allows you to accurately understand and use all the functions and settings of your heat pump.

Other Models

In addition to the w'eau mini power 3kw swimming pool heat pump, we also have other models available. Discover the w'eau mini power 4kw swimming pool heat pump and the w'eau mini inverter plus 6kw swimming pool heat pump. These powerful heat pumps provide the heating solution you need.


Aquaf - your reliable partner in swimming pool heating. Discover our range of swimming pool heat pumps and enjoy the perfect water temperature, wherever you are.