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Sand toys

Sand toys


Discover our extensive collection of sand toys, perfect for children who love playing outside! With our sand toys, children can unleash their creativity and have endless fun on the beach, in the sandbox or simply in the backyard.

Sand castle building

What could be more fun than building a sand castle on the beach? With our sand play sets, children can build their own sand castles and use their imagination to make the most beautiful creations. They can use different sand molds and sand cakes to decorate and personalize their castle.

Shoveling sand and digging

Our sand toys also include sand shovels and digging tools, perfect for kids who love adventure and love to dig. They can dig holes, build tunnels and create their own sandy beach. Our sand toys make outdoor play activities even more fun and exciting.

Children's fun and summer adventures

Our collection of sand toys is designed to provide children with endless fun and adventure. Whether they are on the beach, in the sandbox or simply in the backyard, our sand toys offer numerous opportunities for play and entertainment. It is the perfect addition to summer outdoor play activities and guarantees hours of children's fun.

Sand for Sandbox

To ensure that the sandbox is always well filled, we offer high-quality sand that is specially suitable for use in sandboxes. Children can dig, build and play endlessly with our sand.

Little Tikes Sandbox

Our collection also includes the popular Little Tikes sandbox, perfect for young children. With its sturdy construction and durable materials, this sandbox is ideal for years of fun.

Excavator Sandbox

Let your children develop their building skills with our excavator sandbox. This unique sandbox is equipped with an excavator arm, with which children can carry out their own construction projects. Fun and educational!

Burger Sandbox

With our burger sandbox, children can make their own sandburger creations. This fun and original sandbox is perfect for children who would like to show their culinary talents in the sandbox.

Large Sandbox with Lid

For extra convenience, we offer a large sandbox with a lid. With this sandbox you don't have to worry about covering the sand when it is not in use. The lid ensures that the sand remains clean and dry.

Sandbox Accessories

In addition to our sandboxes, we also offer various accessories, such as a tarpaulin and a lockable system. This allows you to easily cover the sandbox when not in use to keep the sand clean and safe.

To cover the sandbox or not?

The choice of whether or not to cover the sandbox is entirely up to you. We offer both tarpaulins and lockable systems, so you can decide how you want to use and protect the sandbox.

Order now!

Make the most of summer with our sand toys. Order today and give your children the opportunity to express their creativity, play and enjoy the outdoors. Ready to dig, build and have fun? Order now and make this summer an unforgettable experience for your children!