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Explore our extensive collection of flashlights to meet all your lighting needs. Whether you are looking for a compact mini flashlight or a professional flashlight, we have it all.

LED flashlight

Our LED flashlights provide bright and efficient light for various applications. Perfect for everyday use and outdoor adventures.

Rechargeable flashlight

Say goodbye to disposable batteries with our rechargeable flashlights. Easy to charge with a USB cable and ready to use whenever you need it.

Waterproof flashlight

Our waterproof flashlights are ideal for adventurers who find themselves in wet conditions. They are durable and provide reliable lighting even in the rain.

Mini flashlight

Small, but powerful. Our mini flashlights are compact and portable, perfect for your keychain or in your pocket. Always handy to have with you.

Tactical flashlight

The tactical flashlights in our collection are designed for use in demanding situations. They provide bright light and are solidly built for long-term use.


For hands-free lighting, a headlamp is the ideal choice. Our headlamps are adjustable and comfortable to wear while camping, running or doing odd jobs.

Camping flashlight

Our camping flashlights are specially designed for use during camping trips. They provide bright light and often have additional functions such as a compass or an emergency whistle.

Hunting flashlight

Go hunting well prepared with our special hunting flashlights. They provide bright light and often have a longer range to help you find your prey.

Battery powered flashlight

If you prefer traditional batteries, we also have battery-powered flashlights. They are easy to replace and always ready to use.

Compact flashlight

Our compact flashlights are small in size, yet provide powerful light. Perfect for travel and everyday use.

Zoom flashlight

Our zoom flashlight allows you to adjust the beam of light to suit your needs. This way you can focus on a specific object or create broader lighting.

Outdoor flashlight

Our outdoor flashlights are rugged and durable, designed for use in rugged environments. They're fine

Maglite Flashlight

The Maglite flashlight is a true classic. This robust and reliable flashlight is suitable for various applications and has a long lifespan. With its powerful beam and durable construction, the Maglite flashlight is a favorite among adventurers and professionals.

Fenix ​​Flashlight

The Fenix ​​flashlight is known for its bright light beam and compact size. These flashlights are ideal for camping, hiking and other outdoor activities. With the Fenix ​​flashlight you are always clearly visible and ready for adventure.

LED Flashlight

Our LED flashlights provide bright and energy-efficient light. With their compact size and long battery life, these flashlights are perfect for everyday use. Whether you have a job to do around the house or are taking a walk in the dark, the LED flashlight always illuminates your path.

Best Flashlight

Looking for the best flashlight? We have made a selection of the best flashlights on the market. These flashlights combine durability, brightness and ease of use in one product. With the best flashlight you always have a reliable light source within reach.

UV Flashlight

The UV flashlight is perfect for special applications. Use this flashlight to detect stains and blemishes, to check money or to highlight drawings on fluorescent paper. With the UV flashlight you will discover a new world of hidden details.

Military Flashlight

The military flashlight is designed for rugged conditions and intensive use. These flashlights are waterproof, shockproof and have a strong light beam. Ideal for military personnel, security guards and adventurers who need a reliable flashlight.

Battery Flashlight

With our battery flashlights you always have a charged light source at your disposal. These flashlights come with rechargeable batteries and are easy to charge. This way you are always prepared, without having to keep purchasing new batteries.

Flashlight Cars

We have the Flashlight Cars especially for young adventurers. These flashlights feature fun Cars figures and provide extra fun while playing. With the Flashlight Cars, children can safely explore in the dark.