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Our wheelbarrows are of high quality and suitable for various purposes. We offer a wide range of wheelbarrows to meet the needs of different customers. Below you will find an overview of our product collection:

Garden wheelbarrow

The garden wheelbarrow is specially designed for use in the garden. With a sturdy frame and spacious container, this wheelbarrow is ideal for transporting garden waste, potting soil and other materials.

Construction wheelbarrow

The construction wheelbarrow is suitable for heavier work on construction sites. With a robust design and large loading capacity, this wheelbarrow is perfect for transporting stones, cement and other building materials.

Plastic wheelbarrow

The plastic wheelbarrow is lightweight and easy to handle. The durable plastic material makes this wheelbarrow suitable for use in different environments, such as gardens and construction sites.

Metal wheelbarrow

The metal wheelbarrow is sturdy and reliable. The metal frame provides extra stability and makes this wheelbarrow suitable for transporting heavy loads.

Wheelbarrow with pneumatic tires

The wheelbarrow with pneumatic tires provides a smooth and comfortable ride, even on uneven terrain. The pneumatic tires absorb shocks and make it easy to push the wheelbarrow.

Wheelbarrow with solid tires

The wheelbarrow with solid tires is ideal for use on rough terrain. The solid tires are durable and require no maintenance, making this wheelbarrow a reliable choice for a variety of applications.

Foldable wheelbarrow

The foldable wheelbarrow is easy to store and takes up little space. Ideal for those with limited storage space. Despite the folding design, this wheelbarrow remains sturdy and reliable.

Electric wheelbarrow

The electric wheelbarrow makes transporting heavy loads easy and effortless. With an electric drive, the wheelbarrow can be easily pushed, reducing physical effort.

Large Wheelbarrow Contents Wheelbarrow

Our large wheelbarrows are perfect for transporting large amounts of materials and are made from durable material that will last a long time. With a large capacity, they offer enough space for all your garden or building supplies.

Buy a wheelbarrow

Are you looking for a new wheelbarrow? With us you can easily buy a wheelbarrow that suits your wishes and needs. We have different models and sizes available so you can find the perfect wheelbarrow.

Children's Wheelbarrow

Let your children help in the garden with our fun children's wheelbarrows. These colorful and light wheelbarrows are specially designed for little hands and make gardening an enjoyable activity for the whole family.

Inner tube Wheelbarrow

Is the inner tube of your current wheelbarrow punctured? Don't worry, we have the perfect inner tubes to get your wheelbarrow back in top condition. Our inner tubes are of high quality and ensure that you can drive without any problems.

Wheelbarrow Offer

Take advantage of our special wheelbarrow offer! We regularly have great discounts on selected wheelbarrows, so you can purchase a quality wheelbarrow at an affordable price.

Wheelbarrow Double Wheel

For extra stability, you can opt for a wheelbarrow with double wheels. These wheelbarrows are ideal for transporting heavy loads and provide better balance during use.

Wheelbarrow Fort 100 liters

The Fort 100 liter wheelbarrow is a robust wheelbarrow with a large capacity. Perfect for intensive jobs and suitable for both private and professional use. This wheelbarrow is made to last.

Wheelbarrow Fort 80 liters

The Fort 80 liter wheelbarrow is a versatile wheelbarrow with a large capacity. Ideal for transporting various materials in the garden or on the construction site.