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Solar pool cover

Solar pool cover

Solar Swimming Pool Cover Collection

Welcome to our collection of solar pool covers. Our pool covers are specially designed to protect your pool and save energy at the same time. With this durable cover you can enjoy a sunny pool and reduce your energy costs at the same time.

Intex Solar cover 732 x 366 cm

The Intex solar cover in the dimensions 732 x 366 cm is perfect for larger swimming pools. It ensures that your pool remains protected from dirt and leaves, while also maintaining the temperature of the water.

Solar cover 300x200

With the solar cover in dimensions 300x200 you can cover your swimming pool in no time. This sail is specially designed to retain the heat of the sun and thus reduce energy costs.

Solar Pool Cover 366

The solar pool cover in size 366 offers effective protection against dirt and leaves. In addition, it helps to keep the temperature of the water at a pleasant level.

Comfort Pool Solar Cover

The Comfortpool solar cover is a high-quality cover that protects your swimming pool and uses solar energy at the same time. It is easy to install and ensures optimal heat retention.

Solar Cover How to Install?

Don't worry, installing a solar cover is easy. Just follow the included instructions and it will be in place in no time. You can also always contact us for help and advice.

Choose a solar pool cover from our collection today and enjoy a clean, warm and energy-efficient swimming pool!

Solar Swimming Pool Cover Specifications

  • Cover for swimming pools of 20 m2
  • Made from high-quality materials for optimal durability
  • Specially designed sun sail for swimming pools
  • Provides protection against dirt, leaves and insects
  • Integrated solar energy technology for energy saving
  • Energy efficient design that retains heat in the pool
  • Easy to install and remove

Why choose our Solar Swimming Pool Cover?

Our solar pool covers offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Maximum energy savings by using solar energy
  • Protection of your pool against dirt and harmful elements
  • Long service life thanks to high-quality materials
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Optimal heat insulation for a pleasant swimming temperature
  • Stylish design that matches the appearance of your swimming pool

Invest in a solar pool cover today and enjoy the many benefits it offers. Save energy, protect your pool and extend the swimming season. Contact us now to find your perfect solar pool cover!