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Backpacks collection

Discover our extensive collection of backpacks for different purposes and styles.

Wander backpack

The perfect companion for long walks and hikes in nature. Equipped with handy compartments and adjustable straps.

Laptop backpack

Protect your laptop on the go with a special compartment and enjoy extra storage space for your accessories and documents.

School backpack

A practical backpack with enough space for all your school supplies, such as books, notebooks and a pencil case.


A compact backpack that is ideal for daily use, such as shopping or a day out. Lightweight and comfortable.

Trekking backpack

For the adventurers who make long treks. These backpacks have a large volume and support you during tough walks.

Travel backpack

The ultimate travel companion with handy pockets and compartments to keep all your belongings organized during your travels.

Camera backpack

Specially designed for photographers. Protects your camera and lenses and provides extra space for accessories and personal items.

Hydration backpack

Ideal for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts who value hydration. With an integrated drinking system and storage compartments.

Sports backpack

Suitable for various sports activities. Equipped with compartments to keep your sports equipment and clothing organized.

Backpack with USB port

A modern backpack with a built-in USB port to charge your electronic devices on the go.

Lightweight backpack

Perfect if you are looking for a comfortable backpack that does not feel too heavy, ideal for everyday use.

Water-resistant backpack

Made from water-resistant material, these backpacks will keep your gear dry, even during rainy adventures.

Backpack with laptop compartment

Provides a dedicated space to safely carry your laptop, perfect for work or study on the go.

Eastpak Backpacks

Stylish and durable backpacks from Eastpak, perfect for everyday use and adventure travel.

Rains Backpacks

Waterproof and fashionable backpacks from Rains, ideal for rainy days and outdoor activities.

Osprey Backpacks

Lightweight and comfortable backpacks from Osprey, designed for hiking and backpacking adventures.

Children's Backpacks

Fun and colorful backpacks specially designed for children, perfect for school and days out.

Best Backpacks

Discover our selection of the best backpacks on the market, with excellent quality and functionality.

Backpacks as Adventure

Tough and robust backpacks that are the perfect companion for any adventure, big or small.

Backpack Baby

Convenient and practical backpacks for parents, specially designed for carrying baby essentials.

Backpack Baby Daycare

Compact and organized backpacks for parents with babies at daycare centers, ideal for storing everything you need.

Best Backpack Backpacks

Discover our selection of the best backpacks for backpackers, with enough space and comfort for long trips.

Best Backpacks for School

Stylish and practical backpacks, ideal for students who want to carry their belongings in style.

Backpack Cartoon

Cute and cheerful backpacks with cartoonish designs, perfect for children and lovers of playful accessories.

Backpack Easyjet

Hand luggage backpacks that meet Easyjet dimensions, ideal for stress-free travel.

Backpack and Shoulder Bag in 1

Versatile and handy backpacks that can also be worn as a shoulder bag, perfect for people who like to be flexible.