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PH INCREASE - Product Collection

Welcome to our product collection for increasing the pH value. Below you will find a selection of products specifically designed to increase pH levels in different environments and applications.

Aquarium pH increasers

  • Lime for pH increase
  • Limewater for pH adjustment
  • Alkaline substances for pH adjustment

Garden pH increasers

  • Soil improvers for pH adjustment
  • How to increase pH in soil
  • Calcium carbonate for pH regulation
  • Lime fertilizer for pH adjustment
  • Natural pH increasers
  • Garden lime for pH control

Swimming pool water pH increasers

  • pH adjustment in swimming pool water
  • pH stabilization

Our pH-raising products are of high quality and specifically formulated to effectively achieve the desired pH value. Whether you have an aquarium, garden or swimming pool , our collection offers various solutions to optimize your pH levels. Rely on our products to create the ideal environment for your plants, fish and pool water.

Take control of your pH levels with our pH boosting products and enjoy the benefits of a balanced pH level in your living environment.