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Balance bikes

Balance bikes

Welcome to our playful collection of balance bikes for children! Here you will find different models and options to give your child the perfect balance bike.

Wooden balance bike

Our wooden balance bike is made of high-quality wood and has a classic look. It's a sustainable choice and perfect for young adventurers.

Metal balance bike

The metal balance bike is sturdy and robust. It can take a beating and is ideal for active children who love speed.

Balance bike with adjustable saddle

This balance bike grows with your child. The saddle is easily adjustable, so it can always be set in the correct position.

Balance bike with pneumatic tires

With the pneumatic tires your child can ride comfortably on different surfaces. It provides a smooth and stable ride.

Balance bike with solid tires

This balance bike has solid tires that can never go flat. Ideal for rougher terrains and adventurous rides.

Balance bike with brakes

The balance bike with brakes gives your child extra control and safety while riding. A great choice for parents who want peace of mind.

Balance bike with handlebar lock

With the steering lock, your child can learn to balance without having to concentrate on steering. A useful feature for beginners.

Balance bike with low entry

The balance bike with low entry is suitable for children who are not yet that big. It makes getting on and off easy and comfortable.

Balance bike with handy carrying handle

The balance bike with a handy carrying handle is ideal for parents on-the-go. It makes it easy to carry and store the balance bike.

Balance bike with basket

This balance bike has a cute basket on the front where your child can take his or her favorite toys or snacks during the ride.

Balance bike with bell

The balance bike with bell is a nice addition to the collection. It makes driving even more fun and gives your child the opportunity to announce his or her presence.

Choose the perfect balance bike for your child and let them enjoy hours of fun and adventure!