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Cooler bag

Cooler bag

Our exclusive range of Cooler Bags includes both cool boxes and cooling elements, specially designed to keep your drinks and snacks fresh and cool, even on the hottest days. These durable and versatile products are a must-have for every outdoor enthusiast, picnic enthusiast, camper and for people who simply want to enjoy chilled refreshments in their backyard.

Cooler bags

Our cool bags are lightweight, portable and have a high insulation value. They are the perfect companion for activities such as hiking, fishing, camping or picnics. The cooler bags are available in various sizes and colors, with different capacities to meet your specific needs.

Cool boxes

Cool boxes in our collection are robust, reliable and offer long-lasting cooling. They can be easily filled with ice or ice packs and are ideal for longer outings, road trips and camping adventures. From compact to large cool boxes , we have it all.

Cooling elements

Cooling elements are essential accessories that extend the cooling capacity of your cool bag or cool box. Our cooling elements are reusable and easy to clean. They are available in different shapes and sizes to fit perfectly in your cool bag or cool box.

Browse through our collection and discover a wide range of cool bags, cool boxes and cooling elements. Whether you are looking for a compact cool bag for an afternoon picnic, a large cool box for a weekend of camping or efficient cooling elements to keep your drinks extra cold, we have the perfect product for you.

How long does your food and drinks stay cold?

Our cool bags are designed to keep your food and drinks cool for a long time. Whether you're going to the beach for a day or have planned a picnic in the park, our cool bags ensure that your food and drinks stay fresh and at the right temperature.

Small and handy

Our cool bags are compact and easy to carry. They fit perfectly in your backpack or handbag, so you always have a refreshing drink or tasty snack at hand, wherever you go.

For different purposes

Whether you are looking for a cool bag for storing baby food, keeping breastfeeding cool or taking groceries with you, we have the perfect cool bag for you.

Stylish and unique

Do you want to personalize your cool bag? You can also have cool bags printed with your own design or logo. This way you not only have a practical bag, but also a unique and stylish accessory.

Order your cool bag today!

View our collection below and choose the cool bag that suits you best. With a cool bag from us you are always well prepared for a day out or a long trip. Order today and enjoy delicious cool food and drinks wherever you go!