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Cool boxes

Cool boxes

Discover our extensive collection of professional cool boxes: ideal for use in the car, while traveling or at work. With our high-quality cool boxes you always keep your food and drinks at the right temperature, wherever you are.

Cool boxes with compressor

Our cool boxes with compressor are perfect for professional use. Thanks to the compressor technology, these cool boxes can cool and freeze. They are extremely efficient and provide precise temperature control. Ideal for long journeys or construction.

Small Cool Boxes for the Car

Looking for a compact solution for the car? Our small cool boxes are specially designed for use in vehicles. They fit perfectly on the back seat or in the trunk and are equipped with a 12V connection, so you can easily connect them to the cigarette lighter.

Electric Cool Boxes for 12V & 220V

With our electric cool boxes you can enjoy chilled products both on the road and at home. These versatile cool boxes work on both 12V and 220V, making them suitable for use in the car, camping or in the garden.

Compare and Buy your Cool Boxes

With us you can easily compare different cool boxes based on specifications and prices. This way you will always find the cool box that meets your needs. Order your professional cool box today and enjoy chilled food and drinks, wherever you are.

Styrofoam cool boxes

In addition to our advanced cool boxes, we also offer cool boxes made of Styrofoam. These lightweight and insulating cool boxes are perfect for one-time use, such as at events or picnics. They keep your products cool and are easy to carry.

Professional Cool Boxes for Car and Work

Our professional cool boxes are designed to meet the demands of both motorists and professionals from various sectors. Whether for truck drivers, construction workers or emergency services, our cool boxes offer reliable cooling performance and durability.

Electric Cool Box

Our electric cool boxes are perfect for on the road or during a day out. With an electric cool box, you don't have to worry about perishable products getting warm. The electric cool boxes are available in different sizes and models, so there is always a suitable option for your needs.

Action Coolbox

At Action you will find a wide range of cool boxes for a competitive price. Whether you are looking for a large cool box for a nice picnic or a compact cool box for a day at the beach, Action has it all. Discover our range now and take advantage of the best deals!

Other Cool Boxes

In addition to the above brands and models, we also have other popular cool boxes such as the ANWB cool box, Cool Box Auto 12V, Cool Box Auto ANWB, Cool Box Battery, and much more. Our collection has been carefully curated and offers something for everyone.

Choose your ideal cool box today and enjoy cool drinks and fresh food on all your adventures!