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Highlander Tents

Highlander Tents

Discover our extensive collection of Highlander tents designed to meet all your camping needs. Whether you are a weekend camper, an adventure trekker or a festival goer, we have the perfect tent for you.

Highlander Dome Tent

The Highlander dome tent is a classic and offers comfort and reliability. With its sturdy construction and simple design, this tent is ideal for campers of all levels.

Highlander Tunnel Tent

The Highlander tunnel tent offers a lot of space and is suitable for larger families or groups. With different compartments you can enjoy privacy and comfort during your camping adventure.

Highlander Lightweight Tent

The Highlander lightweight tent is perfect for adventurous trekkers who want to travel light. These tents are compact, easy to carry and still provide adequate protection against the elements.

Highlander Pop-up Tent

The Highlander pop-up tent is ideal for quick setup and breakdown. With its convenient design, you can enjoy your camping spot in just a few seconds.

Highlander Two-person tent

The Highlander two-person tent is perfect for couples who want to enjoy an intimate camping experience. These tents offer enough space and comfort for two people.

Highlander Four-person tent

The Highlander four-person tent is ideal for families or groups who want to camp together. With its spacious interior and handy compartments, there is plenty of room for everyone.

Highlander Trekker's Tent

The Highlander trekking tent is specially designed for adventurous trekkers who make long-distance treks. These tents are lightweight and easy to set up, ideal for on the go.

Highlander Festival Tent

The Highlander festival tent is perfect for festival goers who need a comfortable place to sleep. With its sturdy construction and compact design, you can enjoy a good night's sleep, even on busy festival grounds.

Highlander Camping Tent

The Highlander camping tent is a versatile tent that is suitable for various camping adventures. With its durable materials and excellent weather protection, you can camp with confidence in any conditions.

Highlander Inflatable Tent

The Highlander inflatable tent offers the convenience of quick and easy installation