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Discover our extensive collection of excavators and construction vehicles toys. Whether you are looking for a miniature excavator, a toy construction machine or an excavator model, you will find it all with us. Our excavators are specially designed for children and offer endless fun.

Excavator toys for endless adventure

Our excavators are ideal for children who are interested in construction and working with machines. With our excavators, children can create their own construction site and let their imagination run wild. Our toy excavators have realistic features, such as moving arms and sound effects, that make playing even more fun.

Mini excavator toy for little builders

For the younger builders we also have mini excavator toys. These are perfect for little hands and stimulate fine motor skills. With our mini excavators, children can start their own construction projects and discover the world of construction.

Excavator play set for ultimate fun

Do you want to offer children a complete playing experience? Then our excavator play set is perfect. This set includes an excavator, construction vehicles and accessories, allowing kids to create their own construction site. With sound effects and realistic details, this play set provides hours of fun.

Cat Toy Excavator

The cat toy excavator is perfect for little budding construction workers. With realistic details and functionality, kids will have fun digging and building.

Volvo Toy Excavator

The Volvo toy excavator is a must-have for enthusiasts of this well-known brand. With its sturdy construction and authentic design, this excavator provides hours of entertainment.

Big Toy Excavator

The big toy excavator is perfect for little adventurers who like to play in the garden. With its robust construction and large moving parts, this excavator is suitable for heavy work.

Bruder Toy Excavator

The Bruder toy excavator is ideal for children who love realistic play. With its detailed design and moving parts, children can fully enjoy their fantasy world.

Falk Toy Excavator

The Falk toy excavator is specially designed for young children. With its simple controls and colorful design, this excavator is perfect for the little ones.

Steerable Toy Excavator

The steerable toy excavator gives children the opportunity to take control. With the remote control they can control the excavator and create their own construction projects.

Large Toy Excavator

The large toy excavator is ideal for children who enjoy large-scale play. With its impressive size and realistic features, kids will feel like real construction workers.

Big Toy Excavator Child

The large toy excavator for children is perfect for the young construction enthusiasts. With its child-friendly design, they can play safely and let their imagination run wild.

Order your excavator toy today

Order your favorite excavator toy today and give children the opportunity to play and learn. Our excavators are of high quality and safe for children. With our extensive range you will always find the perfect excavator toy.