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Whisper motor

Whisper motor

Whispering Motors Collection

Whisper motor : Our whisper motors are equipped with whisper motor technology, which makes them extremely quiet and ensures a quiet and relaxing sailing experience. Forget the sound of a traditional outboard motor, enjoy the silence with our whisper motors.

Quiet outboard motor : Our electric whisper motors are specially designed to be quiet. They produce virtually no noise and ensure a silent sailing. Enjoy the peace and quiet while sailing with our quiet outboard motors.

Silent motors for boats : Our whisper motors are the perfect choice for those looking for silent motors for their boats . With our engines you can enjoy an undisturbed and peaceful cruise without any noise.

Whisper motor power : Despite the whisper-quiet design, our whisper motors still provide sufficient power to move your boat smoothly and efficiently. With our power you can enjoy a powerful and quiet sailing trip.

Sustainable boat motors : Our whisper motors are not only quiet, but also durable. We use environmentally friendly materials and technologies to ensure that our engines have as little impact on the environment as possible. Choose sustainability with our whisper motors.

Environmentally friendly outboard motors : If you are looking for an environmentally friendly option for your outboard motor, our whisper motors are the perfect choice. Our engines run on electricity and emit no harmful exhaust fumes, making them a greener choice for boating.

Low noise boat engines : Our whisper engines are designed to be quiet, so you can enjoy a quiet and peaceful boating trip. No more worries about disturbing noises, with our whisper motors you can fully enjoy the peace and quiet.

Electric sailing : With our electric whisper motors you can enjoy the convenience and efficiency of electric sailing. Our engines provide a smooth and quiet ride while reducing your environmental impact.

Whisper-quiet propulsion : Our whisper-quiet engines provide whisper-quiet propulsion for your boat. Put an end to the noise of traditional engines and choose a whisper-quiet drive for your ultimate sailing experience.

Energy-efficient boat motors : Our whisper motors are not only quiet and powerful, but also energy efficient

Whisper Motor Set

The whisper motor set contains everything you need to get started right away. It contains a whisper motor, battery and all necessary accessories. With this set you can effortlessly propel your boat without causing noise pollution.

Whisper motor Battery

The whisper motor battery is specially designed for use with the whisper motor. With its high capacity and long lifespan, the battery ensures that you can enjoy your boating trip without any worries. The battery is easy to charge and lasts a long time.

Whisper motor with battery

The whisper motor with battery is the perfect combination for people who want to get started right away. With this set you have both the whisper motor and the accompanying battery, so you don't have to waste time finding the right battery.

Whisper motor 55 lbs

The whisper motor with a thrust of 55 lbs is ideal for medium-sized boats. With its powerful performance, you can maneuver effortlessly through the water and enjoy a smooth ride.

Whisper motor with remote control

The whisper motor with remote control offers extra convenience and comfort while sailing. With the remote control you can easily operate the whisper motor without having to reach for the motor, giving you complete control over your boat trip.

Buy a whisper motor

Do you want to buy a whisper motor? Then you have come to the right place. We offer a wide range of high-quality whisper motors and different specifications. View our range and find the perfect whisper motor for your boat.

Whisper engine Marketplace

Looking for a second-hand whisper motor? Then take a look at our whisper motor marketplace. Here you will find various second-hand whisper engines that are still in excellent condition and are offered for an attractive price.

Whisper motor on canoe

The whisper motor is also suitable for use on a canoe. With its compact size and light weight, you can easily attach the whisper motor to your canoe and enjoy relaxing