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Coleman tents

Coleman tents

Welcome to our collection of Coleman tents! We offer a wide range of tents for different camping needs.

Dome tent

The Coleman dome tent is a popular choice for campers because of its simple and quick setup. This tent is suitable for 2 people and offers plenty of space and comfort.

Tunnel tent

The Coleman tunnel tent is ideal for families or groups that need more space. This tent accommodates 4 people and has separate sleeping cabins for extra privacy.

Family tent

The Coleman family tent is the ultimate tent for family adventures. With enough space for 6 people, this tent offers comfort and convenience, including a darkened sleeping area.

Pop-up tent

The Coleman pop-up tent is perfect for campers who want to set up quickly and easily. With its simple setup mechanism, this tent is ideal for weekend outings or festivals.

Double tent

The Coleman two-person tent is compact and lightweight, ideal for backpackers and adventurers who like to travel with minimal luggage. This tent offers comfortable sleeping space for two people.

Four-person tent

The Coleman four-person tent is spacious and suitable for families or small groups. With its durable construction and high-quality materials, this tent offers protection and comfort while camping.

Lightweight tent

The Coleman lightweight tent is designed for campers who like to travel light. This tent is easy to carry while still offering plenty of space and protection against the elements.

Inflatable tent

The Coleman inflatable tent is perfect for those who want quick and effortless camping. With a simple inflation system, this tent can be set up in minutes and provides comfortable sleeping space.

Camping tent with awning

The Coleman camping tent with awning offers extra shelter and space for families or groups. Its spacious interior and awning allow you to enjoy the outdoors without compromise.

3-season tent

The Coleman 3-season tent is suitable for different weather conditions and offers protection and comfort during spring, summer and autumn. With its durable construction