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Battery vehicles

Battery vehicles

Battery vehicle

Welcome to our collection of battery vehicles! Here you will find a wide range of electric toy cars for children. These battery cars are rechargeable and provide hours of fun for young ones

Battery for toy car

When the battery of your child's toy car is empty, you can find the perfect replacement battery with us. Our batteries are of high quality and ensure that your child can drive around again quickly.

Vtech toy car

The Vtech toy car is an absolute favorite among children. With its cheerful colors, sound effects and interactive functions, this car provides endless fun. Order your Vtech toy car today!

Battery car shop

In our battery car shop you will find a wide range of battery vehicles. Whether you are looking for a battery car in Hengelo or a battery car in Rijen, we have it all! Take a look at our shop and find the perfect battery car for your child.

Battery for electric children's car

Our batteries are specially designed for electric children's cars. They are safe, reliable and provide long-lasting fun. Our batteries are easy to install and ensure that your child can drive around at full speed.

Children's battery car

The children's battery car is the ideal gift for your child. With this cool car your child can drive around independently and let his imagination run wild. Order a children's battery car today and see your child's face shine!

Charging a toy car battery

Is the battery of the toy car empty? No problem! You can easily recharge the toy car with our rechargeable batteries. This way your child can quickly go on an adventure again.

Car battery empty, what now?

If the car battery is empty, you don't have to worry. With us you will find the perfect battery to bring your car back to life. Our batteries are of high quality and ensure that you can get back on the road quickly.


  • Rechargeable: Our toy cars have a built-in battery that can be easily charged, so your child is always ready to go.
  • Safe and suitable for children: Each vehicle is specially designed with the safety of children in mind. They are easy to operate and have a limited speed to avoid accidents.
  • Various designs: From cool racing cars to cute strollers, we have a wide range of designs to meet every child's preferences.
  • Realistic Features: Our electric toy cars are equipped with realistic features such as working headlights, horns and even MP3 players, so your child can really feel like a real driver.
  • High quality: We strive for the best quality and sustainability. Our battery vehicles are made of sturdy material that will last a long time, so your child can enjoy them for years to come.

Why choose our battery vehicles?

Our electric toy cars not only provide fun and entertainment, but also contribute to the development of children's motor skills and imagination. They can have their own adventures and stimulate their creativity while driving around safely.

Whether you're looking for a birthday gift, a special treat for your child or just something fun to play with outside, our range of battery-powered vehicles has something for everyone.

Browse our range and choose the perfect electric toy car for your child. Order today and give them an unforgettable gift that they will enjoy for a long time!